St John's Church, Ravenhead

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Emmanuel Church, Thatto Heath

Emmanuel is at first glance an unassuming building on land at the corner of Close Street and Elephant Lane.

It is, however, only the latest building on the site. Here previously, for half a century, stood 'The Campbell Rooms.' It was owned by Mr Campbell, a director of Sutton Heath and Lea Green Collieries, until he donated the building and land to St John's Church, with the stipulation that it be used as a Sunday School for local children.

Following on from Mr Campbell's request, that building and its successor have played a major role in childrens and youth work in the parish ever since.

This tradition continues to the present day, as Emmanuel is now the home of an expression of the church working with and in the community. As the home of 'The Conversion Community Project' - a partnership between St John's Church and Thatto Heath Crusaders Rugby League Club - Emmanuel will continue to provide for a wide range of needs for church, community and children together.