'In This Place' - St John's, Ravenhead History Book
St John's Church, Ravenhead, St Helens

In This Place: A History of St John the Evangelist's Church, Ravenhead with Emmanuel, 1869 - 2012
by Paul Henry

Awarded Heritage Publication of the Year 2013 at the St Helens Heritage Network Awards

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620 pages and includes over 300 photographs, maps, drawings and artworks - now on sale. Read a preview chapter further down this page.

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About The Book
'In This Place' is the new book telling the history of St John the Evangelist's Church, Ravenhead with Emmanuel, published in July 2013.

The book takes its title from the inscription on the east wall of St John's Church - itself the text of Haggai 2:9 - which reads, '... in this place will I give peace...'.

At 620 pages long, it offers a comprehensive narrative of the clergy, congregations and buildings that have been associated with the parish of Ravenhead. Through its pages, you can read about the development of the churches and schools alongside over 300 photographs, maps, drawings and artworks produced throughout the church history.

At the time of its release in 2013, the time taken for research, design, writing, compiling and proof-reading for 'In This Place' was approaching four years. Hundreds of different sources have been used to gather the information, which has given rise to light-hearted anecdotes that sit comfortably alongside the detailed chronological account that begins even before the churches were built.

Across fifteen chapters, the narrative strips away the layers to provide an intimate account of the life of the churches and people of Ravenhead, including first hand accounts of members of the Ravenhead community on the front line in the First World War and how the church responded to the conflict. We find out what links our churches with South Africa and New Zealand, and discover the story of one Ravenhead schoolboy's journey to fame.

From the Church's earliest days, there is an account of St John's consecration service. We unravel the mystery of the church foundation stone and close at the end of 2012 with the new beginnings brought about at the start of Rev. Terry McFadden's ministry in Ravenhead.

Following its release, 'In This Place' was awarded 'Heritage Publication of the Year' by St Helens Heritage Network at their annual awards evening, in 2013.

The book includes written contributions from two of Ravenhead's former vicars - Rev. Frank Allred and Rev. Roy Doran.