Visiting Us
St John's Church, Ravenhead, St Helens

Hundreds of people visit St John's Church every year.

Many attend wedding, funeral or baptism services, others join us for worship at Christmas and Easter. Some people travel from far and wide for special events, or people who have been part of our church in the past and moved away return to visit.

Whatever your reason for a visit to St John's, you will be most welcome. If after your visit, you feel you would like to become a regular member of our church, then feel free to contact us to discuss our services and activities, or just come along on a Sunday.

This page will give you some information to help you plan your visit. Used in conjunction with other pages on this site, you should be able to find out all the details you need. Should you still have any questions, please do feel free to contact us.

Service Times

Please check here for details of our services.


Please check here for maps and details of how to find us.

Local Covid-19 Guidance

Please check here for details of our current Covid-19 guidance.


Free on-site parking is available for users of St John's Church and St John's Centre. Most of these areas are covered by CCTV. Please do not park on the raised pavement or block the garage doors and other access areas.

Disabled parking is available at the front of the church.

Street parking is available around the church, however we discourage this if space is available on the parking areas provided. Should it prove necessary to use street parking, please exercise consideration for our neighbours.

St John's PCC, St John's Centre, their employees, volunteers and representatives cannot accept responsibility for cars or their contents while parked on our parking areas and users accept that parking is at their own risk.


The entrances to St John's Church and St John's Centre have access by steps and a ramp. Should you require any assistance, Wardens and Sidespersons of the church, or St John's Centre staff will be only too happy to help.

Inside St John's Church, seating is set in fixed pews. Provision has been made for a number of wheelchair users and a hearing loop system is in place for hearing aid users - please set your hearing aid to 'T'.

We are able and happy to provide large-print paper copies of our order of service on request.

Visiting For Services

Before, During and After the Services

Upon arrival, you will most likely be briefly greeted by a member of the church and given any relevant hymn books, orders of service and notice sheets for the service. Some services are also presented on our multimedia screen.

You are free to sit anywhere in the church that you feel comfortable.

After some services, free refreshments are served in the St John's Centre. Normally, an announcement will be made if this is the case. You are more than welcome to stay for a drink and a chat if you wish.

Should you wish to discuss anything you hear or see in the service, please speak to the leader of the service or one of our Churchwardens who will either be able to assist you or point you in the right direction to someone who can.


Children are warmly welcomed at St John's Church and you should not feel uncomfortable about bringing them to our services. Should children become restless, a creche facility is provided for under 8s at the back of St John's Church, with a speaker system installed so users can still hear the service. Children using this facility must be supervised by an appropriate adult, please.

Our Kid's Church runs at 11am on Sunday mornings, alongside our Morning Worship.


At most services, a collection will be taken. Visitors need not feel obliged to make a contribution as it is for those who regularly attend to ensure the upkeep and financial viability of the church. However, the church is a charity* which seeks to serve its community and should you feel you wish to make a donation, we would be most grateful.

UK taxpayers are encouraged to Gift Aid their donations as we are then able to claim back an extra 25p for every £1 given, at no further cost to the donor.

We now have the facility for online donations, or cashless donations in person at church using Chip and Pin or Contactless card payments. For more information on these donation methods, please click here. Cash donations can also be accepted in the building.

At some services, such as Harvest, extra collections may be taken to benefit other charities or good causes. Again, donating to these collections is at your own discretion.

Our annual accounts are available for public view. They are approved by our Parochial Church Council, who also act as our Board of Trustees, and presented to the Annual General Meeting. Should you wish to see this document, please speak to a member of the PCC or the Churchwardens. The document can be downloaded at our entry on the website of the Charity Commission.

Visiting For Prayer, General Viewing Or Educational Visits

Prayer and General Viewing

For security reasons, we regret that outside of normal opening times, St John's Church is not generally open to the public. It is often possible to arrange to open the building for you by request, however. Our vicar, Churchwardens or St John's Centre staff may be able to give you access to the church for prayer or general viewing.

We strongly advise that you contact us in advance to make arrangements as staff and volunteers have responsibilities to the community work of the centre and at busy periods may not be able to give you the time they would like.

Alternatively, please contact the vicar or Churchwardens to make arrangements. Please see our Contacts page for more details.

Educational Visits

It is possible to arrange educational visits to the church, for school groups for instance. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Guided & Historical Tours

We do not regularly conduct in-depth guided historical tours of the church, but for a suitable sized group, it may be possible to do so at a mutually convenient time. Please contact us for more information.

*Ravenhead St. John PCC is a registered charity with the UK Charity Commission #1129191.
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